Product Training  
  Effective Storage Management with ACC & SRS  

The Storage Control Center product suite from DTS Software, Inc., is one of today's most powerful, flexible tools available to the storage administrator managing a large enterprise system. Allocation Control Center (ACC) and Space Recovery System (SRS), include features that not only give the administrator complete control over all aspects of dataset creation from a single point, but which also provide enhanced reliability and functionality for the entire system.
This course provides both an introduction to ACC and SRS for the new or prospective user as well as more detailed training for those already experienced with the products.

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Course Outline
Day 1 - Storage Management Goals and Processes

Improving Storage Management in the Data Centre
     Providing DASD Space Availability
     Insuring Data Availability and Integrity
     The Need for Effective Centralized Storage Administration Policy

Standards Enforcement
     Consistent Control with Dataset-Level Granularity
     Function and Features to Extend System Performance and Reliability

The Dataset Allocation Process
     The Dataset Life Cycle in Enterprise Systems
     How ACC Controls Disk & Tape Allocations
     How SRS Prevents Out-of-Space Errors

Enhancements to Allocation, DFSMS, and DFSMShsm with ACC / SRS
     Dataset separation with the KEEPAWAY algorithm
     DFSMShsm Recall Avoidance
     Using ACC to direct DFSMShsm and FDRABR recalls

     Data class attributes vs. JCL; LIKE= and MODEL parameters
     Assigning SMS classes via ACC
     Allocation to Storage Group subsets

The DIF / ACC / SRS Rules Language
The Dynamic Install Facility
     Architecture, Operation and Command Syntax
     Rules Syntax and Structure
     Selection Criteria - Datasets, Jobs, and Much More
     Defining DASD and Tape Pools
     Customised Warning and Error Messages

Effective Use of ACC and SRS
     Examples for Standards Enforcement
     Examples for Error Prevention
     Improving Dataset Management and Performance with ACC & SRS

ACC and SRS Testing, Troubleshooting and Reporting
     Testing new or changed rules
     Rules Language Tracing
     ACS Routine Execution Tracing
     SMF Records and ACC/SRS Reporting


Day 2 - ACC and SRS In-Depth

ACC Allocation Control Details
     Intercept points in allocation processing
     ACS, JFCB housekeeping, volume selection, DADSM, dataset release, and others
     Altering allocation characteristics

Performance Considerations
     CPU time, I/O, and enqueue/dequeue processing in ACC

VSAM Considerations
     DB2 data, extended format, extended addressability, and compression
     Index and Data Pools and DB2 STOGROUPs
     ALTER ADDVOL control

SRS Allocation and EOV Details
     Insuring successful dataset creation
     Limiting Dataset size
     Space adjustment and allocation retry
     Duplicate DSN processing

Extending Datasets
     SRS Intercept points and retry processing
     Processing differences by dataset type - SMS, non-SMS, VSAM, non-VSAM, striped

The ADDVOL Process
     Relationship to REDUCES
     Adding SMS-managed volumes
     Multi-address space considerations
     Last-Resort Recovery - When All Else Fails

Q & A and Developer Roundtable
     Discussions with the developer and suggestions for improvements and enhancements