SMS/Debug is a real-time trace facility for DF/SMS. Trace facilities are available for:

  • The production ACS rules language
  • The DF/SMS volume selection routines
  • The DADSM pre & post processing exit

Simple User Interface
When SMS/Debug is started, the product dynamically adds a JCL and TSO command extension to the system. The SMSDEBUG keyword parameter can then be used to activate the debug facilities on both batch and TSO data set allocations. For example, the following batch job use the SMSDEBUG keyword to activate tracing:

//       EXEC PGM=IEFBR14

  Trace Output Returned to User
The trace output is returned directly to the user. For batch jobs, the trace messages are included in the JES output message log.If a TSO trace is requested, the messages are returned directly to the TSO user. For VSAM IDCAMS defines, output is returned to the SYSPRINT DD statement.

No Rules Language
Unlike most of the other DTS Software products, SMS/DEBUG does not require any installation setup or product configuration.


ACS Routine Tracing
Trace the current ACS routines, and help find logic errors before they become critical. Identify why ACS changes are not performing as expected.

SMS Volume Tracing
Shows all the volumes considered for SMS controlled allocations, threshold values and which volumes were selected.

DADSM Exit Tracing
Shows each volume considered for allocation, and each DADSM reason code (in English) issued


SMS/Debug Extras

Download SMS/DEBUG
Download SMS/Debug PDF