SCC Monitor (MON)  

SCC MONITOR continuously watches the status of volumes in the data center and automatically invokes installation-specified actions when threshold conditions are triggered.

Storage Control Center Monitor can use the same rules and pool definitions common to all of the SCC components.


SCC MONITOR/SNAPSHOT scans the online volumes periodically to obtain information about DASD conditions, including free space, fragmentation level, and VTOC index status, and invokes the SCC rules to determine if “trigger” conditions are met.

If so, the actions specified in the SCC rules are performed to allow conditions to be dealt with before problems occur.

SCC MONITOR/REALTIME receives control whenever storage related event, such as allocation, deletion, rename, or space release occurs for a dataset, and updates information in the SCC Monitor/Realtime database.

This allows the storage administrator to have a real-time, ongoing account of all storage activity in the system, providing invaluable aid in problem-solving and capacity planning.

SCC MONITOR/REVIEW allows users “early notification” of impending dataset migration, expiration, excessive size, or other criteria specified by the SCC rules.

Users can then take actions against the datasets (delete, migrate, release), identified by SCC Monitor before problems arise.


MON Automation
When a threshold is exceeded, SCC Monitor can automatically invoke corrective automation procedures to address the problem. At a minimum, users or operators can be notified to correct the situation manually.

In addition to any corrective automation, the event can be logged to a file or to SMF, Corrective jobs, procedures and commands can be automatically submitted to defrag volumes, compress datasets, release unused space, migrate data sets, change DFSMS volume status, rebuild VTOC indexes, vary volumes online or offline, and change MVS volume use attributes.

Capabilities also exist to provide for action follow-up so that corrective procedures currently in progress don't get resubmitted.

Framework for Custom Application
MON provides the ability to create reports from any of the following resources using an easy CLIST like language:

     JCL Libraries
     DFSMShsm Activity logs

Data can be sorted and reports can contain report breaks and arithmetic functions such as total, average, max/min.

ISPF-base DFSMShsm Reporting
SCC-Monitor includes an ISPF Interface to browse DFSMShsm MCDS/BCDS/OCDS and DFSMShsm activity logs using ISPF facilities. ISPF panels show daily activity such as failures, recalls and migration activity. Users can use line commando to migrate, recall, recover data sets.

DFSMShsm activity can be captured in real time allowing the installation to take actions quickly instead of waiting until the log files are available.



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