DTS Software, Inc.  
DTS Software, Inc.
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DTS Software is recognized worldwide as a leader in enterprise storage management technology. We specialize in products developed for the IBM z/OS and OS/390, Hitachi VOS3, and Fujitsu MSP operating systems.

The Storage Control Center (SCC) family of products is an integrated suite of storage management programs that allow you to maximise the use of your existing storage. SCC components improve disk space utilisation, prevent storage related errors, allow installations to monitor the storage subsystem in real time, and proactively manage the use of storage.

SCC is enhancing storage management capabilities at more than 600 installations worldwide.

  Software Products  
  Storage is one of the fastest-growing items in most installations' budgets. Yet a large percentage of this critical resource is often wasted. Inadequate standards enforcement, poor JCL practices, and system limitations often result in misdirected data and under-utilised resources. SCC is an integrated suite of storage management programs that allows you to get the most out of your storage costs. The SCC products improve disk space utilisation, prevent storage-related errors, allow installations to monitor the storage subsystem in real time, and proactively manage the use of storage.  
  Allocation Control Center (ACC)  

ACC defines policies for installation standards, enforces controls on dataset creation and use, and provides system managed storage enhancements that make the storage administrator more effective.

ACC allows your installation to control DASD and TAPE resources. The product is integrated with DFSMS, and provides tracing facilities for the DFSMS ACS routines.

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  Space Recovery System (SRS)  

SRS automatically intercepts and prevents x37 abends, VSAM errors, and other out-of-space conditions that occur in even the best managed systems. SRS virtually eliminates production errors due to insufficient-space problems.

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  SCC Explorer (EXPLORER)  
  SCC Explorer is a PC-based client that works with SCC Monitor, MVS Console and TSO commands, system utilities, as well as third party software products. The application can display information in a variety of formats, reports and graphs. The Explorer can also perform storage management and installation defined actions on the host.

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  SCC Monitor actively manages conditions in the DASD subsystem, and automatically intervenes when specified thresholds are met. All monitoring and automation facilities are installation configurable.

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  DLIMIT tracks disk storage utilisation at the application level, preventing runaway space use, and automatically notifying storage administrators when specified limits are exceeded.

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  SMS/DEBUG provides tracing facilities for 3 key areas of DFSMS (ACS Routine tracing, Volume Selection tracing, and DADSM Exit tracing). SMS/DEBUG allows you to get the most from your investment in DFSMS, by providing easy to use facilities for debugging and problem solving.

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  Customise system and product exits to provide critical features and function unavailable elsewhere. Maintain exit code without the need for complex assembler routines.

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  Application Backup Center (ABC)  
  ABC simplifies the most difficult tasks associated with ABARS implementation and makes the use of ABARS practical. The product also contains log management and operational facilities to assist in system recovery.

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