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  Company Information  

Cognitive Technologies Corporation was formed in 1984, dedicated to developing software solutions for the area of IT systems and operations management that are both powerful and affordable. Experience had shown the founders of Cognitive Technologies that often systems management software was created with only the largest enterprises in mind. As a result, the rest of the world was forced to accept software that was often too complex for the job at hand. This complexity also showed itself in the excessive consumption of resources and high purchase price. Cognitive Technologies set-out to develop its software outside of this mould.

In 1988, Cognitive Technologies introduced ASAp, an automatic job scheduling system for use on System 370/390 processors running the MVS operating system. In 1991, a dynamic console management system was added and the resulting product became known as ASAp/DCM. This amalgamated approach to automating both job scheduling and console management under a single point of control was greeted with enthusiasm by many enterprises that had previously thought system automation was out of their grasp.

  Future Direction  
  Cognitive Technologies continues to enhance its automation product ASAp/DCM. Recognising the impact of networked systems in today's data centre, future development focuses on how to best leverage the power of various platforms for specific tasks.

In 1998, Cognitive Technologies made its first offering outside the traditional boundaries of the mainframe system with the introduction of its paging interface add-on for ASAp/DCM. This software allows any system that can be connected to a PC with TCP/IP to issue text alert pages to support staff based upon user defined events such as job abends. Future offerings look to further exploit the synergies of the networked data centre.

The automtic job scheduling system. Provides the ability to schedule jobs by day/date, time, prerequisite completion, and operator commands.

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The automated operations management system. Sees all console and system log traffic and provides the ability to define actions when specific events are detected.

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  ASAp/DCM Paging Interface  
  Expands the capability of ASAp/DCM by allowing for an external text page to be sent out to individuals or groups based upon system events.

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  ASAp/DCM Transparent Borders  
  A powerful feature of ASAp/DCM is the blurred delineation between product components. This concept allows the overlapping functions within ASAp/DCM to complement each other.

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