ASAp/DCM Demos  
  Demo 4 - Automated IPL Demo
Demo 4 shows an automated IPL sequence, highlighting how ASAp & DCM work together.

ASAp initiates the IPL, commands executed in a predetermined sequence via schedule records containing the IPL indicator.

DCM Message Filters and Rulesets assist to complete the IPL.

DCM Rules intercept the completion of tasks upon which dependent processes are waiting.


    Demo 4 - AVI File
    AVI file representing a sample system IPL. Once underway, ASAp controls command execution in a predetermined sequence.    
      Demo 4 - Sample IPL DCM Rules    
    Sample DCM (SYSLOG) rules demonstrating various syslog message captures and actions as part of the IPL sequence.    
      Demo 4 - Sample Schedule File    
    Sample Schedule File entries which demonstrate various automated events.    


Demo 5- Online JCL Editor Demo
The ASAp Online JCL Editor allows any system console to be used to create, edit and submit JCL decks of up to 50 statements.

This facility is extremely useful in critical situations whenever normal JCL editing facilities are unavailable or inconvenient.


    Demo 5- AVI File
    AVI File showing how a JCL Job can be composed and executed without the availability of normal editors.    


Demo 6 - Misc Samples


    TXT file containing the collection of ASAp & DCM Demo files    
    Zip file of Demo Material (incl. AVI Files)    
      Sample ASAp Schedule File    
    Example Schedule File from an actual Production Machine.
      Sample DCM Rules    
    Shows a DCM SYSLOG File from an actual Production Machine.

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