ASAp/DCM Paging Interface  

Ensures that important messages are not overlooked even when you are away from the office.

ASAp/DCM's paging interface provides the ability to send out a text page to an individual or entire group based upon the detection of specific console messages, system events, job completions, etc.


Paging Components.

The paging interface is made up of two components:

The first is the paging support commands located within ASAp/DCM. These commands allow pages to be initiated upon detection of a message by DCM, from within a batch job through the execution of a special utility program, or manually from an operator's console.

The second component is the ASAp/DCM PC workstation. This PC continually monitors its network interface IP address for an alert from the mainframe indicating that a page-out is required. Once a page request is detected, the ASAp/DCM paging software parses the message, identifies the targeted recipients, and contacts the paging provider with the proper pager identification numbers and the user-constructed message text.

Because the paging interface is totally exterior to the mainframe, virtually any network connected device may take advantage of DCM's page-out function. All that is required is to initiate an FTP of a text file containing the paging text and the intended recipient to the PC workstation's IP address.


ASAp/DCM Advantages

ASAp/DCM offers many advantages over similar products:


By combining automatic scheduling with automated console operations, ASAp/DCM offers a total automation solution in one product.

It is powerful yet easy to learn. There is no need to use any programming languages.

Its extremely intuitive and flexible rule sets allows it to be used by a wide range of personnel.

It produces very little overhead. So little in fact that multiple copies can be run to allow for decentralised or departmental scheduling.

ASAp/DCM is the easiest automation system to learn and use. It is common to see new users creating automation rule-sets in a matter of hours.

Its exceptional affordability ensures that true cost savings are realised in the shortest possible time.



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