ASAp/DCM combines traditional MVS job & task scheduling functions with automated console management in an integrated, easy to use and cost effective solution. ASAp/DCM has proven solid and reliable.

It has successfully replaced (often far more expensive) competitive products, saving installations significant resources whilst improving their overall level of automation.


The automtic job scheduling system. Provides the ability to schedule jobs by day/date, time, prerequisite completion, and operator commands.

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The automated operations management system. Sees all console and system log traffic and provides the ability to define actions when specific events are detected.

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ASAp/DCM Paging Interface
Expands the capability of ASAp/DCM by allowing for an external text page to be sent out to individuals or groups based upon system events.

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ASAp/DCM Transparent Borders
A powerful feature of ASAp/DCM is the blurred delineation between product components. This concept allows the overlapping functions within ASAp/DCM to complement each other.

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Why Choose ASAp/DCM?

ASAp/DCM offers many advantages over similar products:


By combining automatic scheduling with automated console operations, ASAp/DCM offers a total automation solution in one product.

It is powerful yet easy to learn. There is no need to use any programming languages.

Its extremely intuitive and flexible rule sets allows it to be used by a wide range of personnel.

It produces very little overhead. So little in fact that multiple copies can be run to allow for decentralised or departmental scheduling.

ASAp/DCM is the easiest automation system to learn and use. It is common to see new users creating automation rule-sets in a matter of hours.

Its exceptional affordability ensures that true cost savings are realised in the shortest possible time.



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