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Incorporated in 2000, Caerus Solutions represents both Cognitive Technologies Corporation and DTS Software Inc. as Distributors for their MVS system software. We offer service and product support 24 hours a day 365 days a year to clients and prospects throughout the UK, Eire, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Caerus Solutions believe in providing products that are constantly developed and maintained to help organisations optimise their efficiency whilst being realistically priced. Our partners are experts in their fields and react to current needs and changing times by regularly updating their products.

In today’s competitive world personal service is often neglected if not forgotten. Big corporations promise flexibility through large product portfolios and although a lot is on offer, many organisations are left with a surplus of unnecessary costs and unsupported products. We believe in addressing the real problem areas and reacting actively to questions and suggestions from our customers.



SCC Explorer
SCC Explorer is a PC-based client that communicates with the DTS DIF address space. The PC application has interfaces to the DIF console commands, SCC Monitor, MVS Console and TSO commands, system utilities, as well as third party software products. The Explorer can use these interfaces to gather and display information in a variety of formats, reports and graphs. The product can also perform storage management and installation defined actions on the mainframe..

An optional database tier can also be added to collect storage management events for historical analysis. The database tier would only be required if your installation recognises the need for frequent real time access to complex queries.

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Take advantage of the 'hidden' functionality in z/OS and DFSMShsm without the need for complex, hard-to-maintain assembler-language exit routines.

The simple IF-THEN-ELSE logic of the Storage Control Center rules language provides an easy-to-use way to implement useful, even critical, system features that would be difficult or impossible for most installations to provide otherwise. Unlike hand-coded exit routines, EASY/Exit rules can be dynamically modified, and come with extensive debugging and error recovery features.

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  NEW SCC Release

Latest DTS Storage Control Center Release 5.1

R5.1 required for z/OS 1.10

Please refer to Release Info page for Minimum Version Requirements

Release 5.1 New Service Level SL1030x




Storage Control Center
In addition to scheduled product education, we would be pleased to discuss individual requests for on-site training.

We are currently planning for SCC training during the summer of 2009. Please contact us for further details, and to be notified when the next training is scheduled.

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